Airwet LF (Low Foam Penetrant)

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Airwet LF (Low Foam Penetrant)
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Brand: Airwet LF
Product Code: AIREWETLF
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AirWetLF is a full strength organosilicone penetrant, but formulated for much lower foaming. This makes it the ideal penetrant for aerial spraying use, where the ratio of penetrant to water is typically much higher than with ground spraying, which means that positive foam control is essential.

Organosilicones provide optimum penetration into woody-stemmed species (gorse, blackberry, etc).
Faster uptake by plant; reduces rain risk.
Boosts herbicide performance against harder-to-kill species, and when target plants are stressed or dusty.

Perfect for application from the air due to its low foaming characteristics. Buy Airwet LF penetrant and save.


The recommended application rate for Airwet LF is between 500ml and 2L per ha for aerial spraying, depending on the target species and situation (see the herbicide directions for more details on recommended water volumes and herbicide/penetrant rates).


20 litre packs are available in your choice of 20L jerrycans, or cartons of 4 x 5L packs.

1000 litre IBC tanks are also available ... call us for a price delivered to your location.

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